John Oliver has a fascinating theory about Donald Trump

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There's few people we often feel the need to question in terms of whether they're good or evil.

With Donald Trump it's tough to know where we would place our money.

Ever since Trump entered the White House in January he hasn't exactly been an angel.

In fact he's been so bad even The Church of Satan want nothing to do with him.

One person who doesn't believe that Trump is evil is one of his biggest critics, the host of American chat show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver.

On the most recent episode of his popular show, Oliver began dissecting the indictment charges that have come against Trump allies Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and George Papadopoulos by the FBI's Robert Mueller.

During his hilarious investigation into the facts the 40-year-old Brit touches on the various dodging dealings (multiple bank accounts, communications with Russians, conducting business with dictators) of the trio and proposes the question:

Did Trump no all of this and not care or did he know none of it because he is incompetent.

In other words: Is Trump smart enough to be evil?

From there he begins to go into in depth detail about all the goings on and contradictions involving Trump and these three men, in what OIiver has dubbed "Stupid Watergate."

It is very funny and informative and definitely worth 12 minutes of your day. Thanks us later.

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