'Men called Mike have killed more people than terrorist refugees'
Screenshot/ Youtube/ LastWeekTonight

Whether it be Skittles in a bowl, or peanuts in a bag, you can't seem to get away from bad analogies about refugees and terrorists.

Earlier this week Donald Trump Jr tweeted a poster comparing refugees to Skittles and former Republican presidental nominee Mike Huckabee said on MSNBC "if you had a 5lbs bag of peanuts and you knew 10 were poisionous, you wouldn't give them to your children."

However, as John Oliver pointed out on his show Last Week Tonight, these facts appear wildly exaggerated. So he did the maths:

There are around 1000 peanuts in a 5lbs bag, so using Huckabee's analogy 1 in 1000 refugees are terrorists.

However, according to statistics from the Migration Policy Institute released in October 2015, of the 784,000 refugees to have resettled in the US since 9/11 only three have been arrested for planning terrorist activities, none of which were attacks on the US.

So, as Oliver points out, that is roughly 1 in 261,000 meaning that people called Mike and even actual peanuts have killed more in the US than refugees.

And then there's this...

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