March 2019 seems like a lifetime ago. But in many ways, at least in some people's opinion of the government, little has changed.

Back then Brexit was the topic of the day as the original deadline of March 29 was looming without a deal in sight.

In a vague attempt to explain what was going on Matt Hancock appeared on Channel 4 News but it didn't go so well for the health secretary who was torn into on live television thanks to an almost legendary rant from anchor Jon Snow.

Secretary of state, you know better than I do, that parliament is for once deeply representative of a country. It's completely asunder. Nobody in the country knows what's going on. Nobody in there knows what's going on and you don't even know what is going on inside the cabinet. The cabinet is at sea. The country is at sea. We are a laughing stock.

That was then, this is now and, as Theresa May once said: "nothing has changed."

While the government attempts to get a grasp of coronavirus but only have only managed to confuse everyone with a series of conflicting guidelines, telling everyone to leave the pub by 10pm and an app that doesn't appear to work properly.

And they still haven't got Brexit sorted. Although the UK has left the European Union it is still in a transition period and they are still yet to strike a deal, with the end of the year being a definitive cut off date.

On top of that there are now plans to put in place an internal border in Kent where lorry drivers will have to apply for a special permit to enter and polls now show that not only do the majority of British people believe that Boris Johnson won't be able to get a deal but that leaving the EU was a mistake altogether.

Looking back at things, maybe Snow was more correct than he could have ever imagined.

The beauty of this clip is that it could apply to coronavirus or Brexit right now or, to be honest, lots of things that the government has tried to do this year because 'nobody knows what is going on.'

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