This pro-Trump Republican tried to tweet about the Super Bowl and it backfired hilariously
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Missouri senator Josh Hawley’s tweet about the Super Bowl has not gone down well.

The Republican lawmaker tweeted

“LETS GO CHIEFS #ChiefsKingdom #RunItBack”. 

The tweet would soon prove to be ill-fated as the Kansas City Chiefs were beaten 9-31 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Some people joked that Hawley had “jinxed” the outcome with his enthusiastic tweet about his home state’s team. But others were more focussed on comparing his faith in the Super Bowl’s scoring system to his lack of faith in the US electoral process. 

Hawley was the first US senator to announce that he would object to the certification of Joe Biden’s election win in December 2020. He also promulgated Trump’s baseless claim that the election was stolen from him and raised a fist in support of the Capitol rioters.

Hawley was called on to resign after the deadly riot left six people dead. He remained in office, but his support for Trump’s lies has not been forgotten. 

And nor will it be any time soon, if the responses to his fairly generic Super Bowl tweet are anything to go by.

Hawley's lack of faith in the election results was alluded to repeatedly.

People even joked he lost the Chiefs the game.

Hawley wasn't the only Republican to have a Super Bowl tweet badly misfire.

Donald Trump Jr was also ridiculed for lambasting the half-time ads for being "woke".

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