Judi Dench reveals she's on TikTok and people can't believe it

A lot of people have taken up brand new skills during the coronavirus lockdown and it looks like Dame Judi Dench is no exception.

The veteran actress, who is 85, has taken up the most unlikely hobby: TikTok.

That’s correct. Dench is occupying her time, because the theatre and film industry has ground to a halt, filming videos on the platform with her 22-year-old grandson, Sam Williams.

Speaking to Channel 4 News she said: “It [Tik Tok] saved my life.”

In the interview, she went on to explain that she's basically a Gen-Zer and choreographed many of the dance routines herself, while Williams took charge of the editing and other technical aspects.

Believe it or not, she nails the routines like a pro.

Speaking of her grandson, she said: “He made me do it. I had to rehearse, I had to rehearse all those moves. Don’t just think that comes naturally.”

She explained:

“You wake up and wonder what day it is, and then you wonder what date it is, and sometimes what month. 

“And then you think, ‘What do I do today?’ and if the prospect is, ‘Well what is there to do today?’

“I planned to learn every Shakespeare sonnet. Well, I’ve got to about nine, and there are 154, so I’ve got a bit of a way to go there. 

 “I’ve done a bit of painting and I’ve talked to friends and rehearsed my TikTok and done it with Sam.”

After self-isolating separately, Dench was reunited with her grandson and her daughter Finty Williams, to perform a socially distanced version of the Laxed Siren Beat dance.

Here’s to hoping she keeps up after this whole pandemic is over.

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