Just Grant Shapps and his car with a fridge in it

Grant Shapps, the Conservative party chairman who previously ran a web publishing business under the name Michael Green, is back in the news after “over-firmly” denying that he continued the role after becoming an MP.

The Guardian reported that ‘Michael’ was still working and planning to start selling a self-help book called 'Stinking Rich 3' in 2006 - a year after he became the MP for Welwyn Hatfield.

In the wake of the affair Political Scrapbook and the Mirror dug up an old online letter allegedly sent out by Shapps using his Michael Green pseudonym in 2004.

The letter, which is no longer online, was hosted at HowToBecomeStinkingRichOnline.com. It contained several details about the perks of “being a mega-successful online marketer” including Shapps's three top-end cars (one of which "even has a fridge"), six-bedroom home, and private plane.

The website was designed to promote one of Shapps/Green’s online toolkits and the photographs were said to be “iron-clad proof that my online marketing principles work!”

Shapps has made no public comment on the latest revelations. i100.co.uk has contacted the Conservative party for a further statement on the story.

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