Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau beams in Toronto’s Pride parade

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If you needed another reason to love Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, which we highly doubt, because he's pretty great on most things, then here one is. Joyous!

On Sunday, Trudeau proudly led the Pride parade through the centre of Toronto, waving a rainbow LGBT+ flag, enthusiastically greeting crowds, and shaking their hands.

The parade, which ran from Church and Bloor Street down to Dondas Square Stage and is one of the largest pride parades in north America, was packed with performances, vibrant floats and thousands of marchers.

On Sunday, Mr Trudeau retweeted a message from minister of tourism Mélanie Joly on Twitter, saying:

In our country everyone can be proud of who they are and can be who they want to be. Through pride celebrations, we celebrate the power and beauty of diversity by enabling our #LGBTQ2 communities to shine.

Before setting off to hit the streets and march, Trudeau, who was accompanied by Toronto Mayor John Tory, delivered a rousing speech.

In it, he said:

This message, that politicians of all different stripes are out to support them, that the country takes to the streets across Pride Month and at Pride events, to support our friends in the LGBT+ communities, that we are all allies, continues to be an important message here in Canada, and of course, around the world ever more so.

This isn't the first time Trudeau has showed himself to be an active ally of the LGBT+ community. In 2017, he took the steps to mend the nation's fractured relationship with the LGBT+ community, issuing a lengthy formal apology to gay Canadians who had been fired from their jobs for their sexuality during the Cold War.

In the speech, he said:

One of the greatest choices a person can make in their life is the choice to serve their fellow citizens. Maybe it’s in government, in the military, or in a police force. In whatever capacity one serves, dedicating your life to making Canada—and indeed, the world—a better place is a calling of the highest order.

He added:

Mr. Speaker, today we acknowledge an often-overlooked part of Canada’s history. Today, we finally talk about Canada’s role in the systemic oppression, criminalization, and violence against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and two-spirit communities.

And it is my hope that in talking about these injustices, vowing to never repeat them, and acting to right these wrongs, we can begin to heal…

Oh, Justin, you really are something else, aren't you?

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