Justin Trudeau just taught Jeremy Corbyn the perfect lesson in how to deal with the media and awkward questions

One of the key factors in Jeremy Corbyn's rise to leader of the Labour party has been his staunch opposition to all things "establishment".

Popular moves among a seemingly large section of the electorates have included denouncing the banks, refusing to sing the national anthem and arguing for a grassroots political movement, but one of the biggest targets of Corbyn's disdain has been the so-called "mainstream media".

His leadership has so far been studded with instances that highlighted his frosty relationship with the media - from cancelling interviews at the last moment to shunning national television appearances in favour of local constituency meetings and obstinately refusing to answer questions when repeatedly asked about the lack of women in leading roles in his shadow cabinet.

But riding a similar wave of left-of-centre optimism on the other side of the Atlantic is newly-elected Liberal party prime minister Justin Trudeau.

In the build-up to his election, Trudeau's campaign chief Dan Gagnier was forced to resign after it was revealed that he had written an "inappropriate" letter to people in the energy industry advising them on how best to lobby the government.

When Trudeau was asked about the controversy in a press conference, his supporters - like the most fervent of Corbynistas - jeered and heckled the journalist in question.

But Trudeau, rather than refusing to answer the uncomfortable story, gave a sharp response to his supporters, snapping:

Hey! We have respect for journalists in this country. They ask tough questions and they're supposed to.

Justin Trudeau responds to heckling by supporters

"Hey! We have respect for journalists in this country. They ask tough questions and they're supposed to."Justin Trudeau had a sharp response Thursday for Liberal supporters who heckled a reporter asking him about the resignation of his campaign co-chair. Dan Gagnier quit after it was revealed that he wrote a letter to staff at an oil company about how best to lobby a new government for the Energy East pipeline http://www.cbc.ca/1.3272049

Posted by CBC News on Thursday, 15 October 2015

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