A far-right interviewer wouldn’t stop asking this student bizarrely transphobic questions and he had the perfect response

A far-right interviewer wouldn’t stop asking this student bizarrely transphobic questions and he had the perfect response

The far right's favourite millennial wondergirl of NRA dreams strikes again, and this time she's trying her absolute hardest to get a delightfully chill guy to come out with a transphobic quote for no discernible reason.

Kaitlin Bennet is most famous for wandering around her university campus carrying an AR-10 rifle, ostensibly to make the point for more gun rights or something. It earnt her the dubious honour of becoming an InfoWars correspondent, so that's... a thing.

Anyway, a video has now surfaced of Bennet "interviewing" a young man, who appears to be a student, for her website Liberty Hangout.

It's part of a series of bizarre videos which she inexplicably released in which she harangues people into trying to confirm her transphobic views that trans women are "predators" and that men who have periods should "seek medical attention".

A number of her interviewees have emerged as absolute icons, either schooling her in the best possible way, dismissing her nonsense, or just walking away.

But perhaps the best one is this chap, who just casually keeps telling her he literally does not care what is or is not added to the bathrooms. It makes no difference to him.

She begins by asking about putting urinals in women's bathrooms – something we've literally never heard anyone advocate for, but anyway – to which he responds:

I don't really care.

But Bennet was having none of it, and insisted he tell her "whether we should or shouldn't", and he says, again:

I mean, I don't really care.

OK but what about tampons and pads in men's restrooms?

Why does it matter? I don't care. It's just sitting there.

She goes on to ask what men could possibly need period products for, which – if a legitimate question – shows a worrying level of ignorance for a cis woman.

The reply, on both counts:

That's his problem.

At this point, Bennet appears to be getting increasingly frustrated and asks whether they should "seek medical advice" if they're "bleeding out of their penis" which... clearly isn't what a period entails.

The interviewee (aka our new favourite person) just seems completely unbothered by the whole thing, continuing to repeat:

I don't care. Why should I care?

In other words, the gender people do or do not identify as and whether or not it aligns with what they were assigned at birth has literally no impact on him as a privileged cis white man.

It's such a delightful vibe and people are very much here for it.

The fact that she chose to put the videos out there is in itself almost incomprehensible.

Some poor sweet souls tried to actually make sense of what she was on about.

But the majority of people just enjoyed the ridiculous spectacle she made of herself.

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