Vice-president elect Kamala Harris has been greeted with a mixed response after she was caught on camera fist-bumping Republican senator Lindsey Graham.

Harris, who is still a senator for California, returned to the Senate floor on Tuesday for the first time since the election was confirmed for the Biden/Harris campaign and there was an unusual moment where she was greeted by Graham in a friendly manner.

Graham is a supporter of president Trump and has promoted the baseless accusations of voter fraud. Most recently he was involved in controversy where he asked officials in Georgia about throwing out legal ballots.

Despite this, the senator from South Carolina, was more than happy to see Harris, exchanging a fist bump, with Graham also patting her on the back.

The video was shared on Twitter and has prompted a divisive response from onlookers many of whom thought she shouldn't be engaging in pleasantries with someone who has attempted to undermine the election result.

Others defended Harris, who thought she was either feigning being friendly or was in someway starting to repair the bridges between the Democrats and Republicans that Trump damaged in his presidency.

Graham has since explained what he meant by the fist bump. As quoted by CNN's Manu Raju, Graham said that it was just a friendly hello and wishing her all the best for the near future.

Just saying hello - I haven't seen her in a while. If it works out and they make it, I told her I wish her well and try to work where we can. We will know here in a month or so or less.

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