Kanye West gives disturbing reason why he named his political party 'Birthday Party'

Kanye West gives disturbing reason why he named his political party 'Birthday Party'

Kanye West has discussed the meaning behind the name of his "Birthday Party" and the impact of revealing he and wife Kim Kardashian considered having an abortion when she was pregnant with their daughter, North.

The rapper opened up in an episode of Nick Cannon's “Cannon's Class” series uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday.

Discussing his presidential run and the name of his independent party, the “Birthday Party” – West said it’s because he’s anti-abortion.

The connection point to the Birthday Party is dealing with life and pro-life because these are kids that are now gonna get a chance to have birthdays.

West has also previously stated the name of his political group is called the "Birthday Party" because “when we win, it's everybody's birthday”.

He then referenced his first campaign rally on 20 July in South Carolina, when he brought up delicate details about considering abortion.

At the time, West said:

[My wife] said she was pregnant and for one month and two months and three months we talked about her not having this child. She had the [abortion] pills in her hand… where you take the pills and if you take it, it’s a wrap. The baby’s gone.

He later added:

My mum saved my life. My dad wanted to abort me. There would’ve been no Kanye West because my dad was too busy.

At this point in West’s campaign rally speech, he started crying.

Addressing the ridicule he received for showing emotion, West believed it’s been positive because people have chosen not to get abortions:

For anyone who wants to tear me down for crying, you realise that because of [the] South Carolina [rally], there are people who have decided to have their child because they connected.

If they were on the fence about it, they never saw anyone in my position take that position and say ‘Look at this, this is a seven-year-old and she may never have made it here’.

West then addressed why he decided to publicly apologise back in July about bringing up “private” discussions with his wife about abortion.

The rapper told Nick Cannon:

So when I talked to my father, my father made me apologise to him for bringing this up publicly.

Watch the full interview:

Women's rights to seek abortions is currently protected under the Supreme Court ruling Roe v Wade, however during the 2016 presidential campaign Trump leaned strongly on his desire to overturn the ruling and role back abortion rights, which is partly credited with his ability to win votes from the Christian right wing.

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