Katie Hopkins shared a video of Trump 'off camera' and everyone is making the same point
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Donald Trump has once again shared a tweet by Katie Hopkins as if she is a good judge of character.

On Sunday, the erstwhile contestant on The Apprentice (Hopkins) tweeted the following about the erstwhile host of the American version of The Apprentice writing:

This is TRUMP off camera. Making time for ordinary people. Caring for the regular voter & their kids. This is why he wins #MBGA2020 Well done young lady xx

Trump shared the tweet on Monday morning with the words, “Thank you Katie!” despite repeatedly being informed that Hopkins has a history of racist comments including the old chestnut: “Racial profiling is a good thing, call me racist. I don't care.”

People were quick to point out that it probably doesn’t count as “off camera” when the content being shared is video footage.

Stranger still is the President’s attempt to make small talk with a child by asking if the child's mum is rich and if if the child herself has a lot of money. Real values there, Donald.

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