What makes a good prime minister? Intelligence? Diplomatic skills? Crisis management?

No, apparently it’s the amount of push-ups you can do.

Not content with letting Boris Johnson being the only leader of a political party to grandstand about his athletic ability, Keir Starmer jokingly hinted that he can do 50 press ups.


Starmer also seemed to issue a challenge to his opposition to go head to head in a press up competition while next appearing at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain this morning, Starmer was fielded the difficult question by Piers Morgan of whether he could complete more than one press-up.

“I can,” joked Starmer, adding:

I was thinking at PMQs this week, maybe question one should be first to 50.

Although Starmer’s comments in the same interview about Johnson being “asleep at the wheel” garnered a positive response, his press-up joke prompted more ridicule than approval.

Audiences were reminded of their school days by the posturing.

It was even referred to as an example of “toxic masculinity”.

Some scornfully referred to a popular refrain about the “grown-ups” being back that was trotted out regularly upon Starmer’s victory in the Labour leadership election.

There was scepticism about whether either would clear 20.

And others wondered what playground contests would be proposed next.

Perhaps a thumb war to decide the 2024 election?

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