Former Tory chancellor Ken Clarke says Boris Johnson running a country is 'ridiculous' in resurfaced interview

Boris Johnson has that very specific talent, not unlike Donald Trump, for managing to unite people through his sheer incompetence.

Despite which way they voted in the last election, most people in the UK – aside from hardcore Boris stans, perhaps – will surely be able to find the obvious flaws in the way he's run the country and the challenges that have emerged this year.

While hindsight is well and good, never forget that those on the left knew all along he was an incompetent buffoon.

But now it turns out some of the most prominent figures in his own party may have felt the same.

In a resurfaced interview from 2018, former chancellor of the exchequer (and home secretary) under John Major Ken Clarke doesn't mince his words when it comes to Johnson.

In fact, he seems to find the idea of him leading the Tory Party absolutely laughable.

Clarke says that "the idea that I would faithfully accept the instructions of Boris Johnson" on issues such as economic, trade and foreign policy is "ridiculous".

He continues, sounding somewhat bemused by the whole topic:

Boris is great fun as company and all the rest of it, but he couldn't run a whelk stall.

I really... I don't think I could follow him on any complicated or serious policy issue!


Lots of people found Clarke's words highly relatable knowing what we now know.

And others – regardless of their political views – were just nostalgic for his presence, which seems to symbolise a less chaotic time.

Won't someone please bring back the normal times?

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