Knife crime in the UK is reaching almost epidemic levels of casualties with police releasing stats that show offences have reached their highest levels since 2009.

Reports show that in 2018 the criminal justice system dealt with more than 21,000 knife related crimes and so far the government have failed to offer any concrete solution to the problem.

That is until Scott Man, the Tory MP for North Cornwall, stepped forward a proposed that 'every knife sold in the UK should be equipped with a GPS.' No, honestly that's what he said.

At least fisherman won't have to worry about being accused of murder.

As you can imagine, this completely logical, sensible and practical suggestion has been completely roasted on Twitter and we can't really argue against them.

Seriously, every knife???

This literally sounds like something Alan Partridge would say.

Maybe some other things should be fitted with devices for monitoring criminals?

Indy100 has contacted Mr Mann for comment.

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