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Kyle Kashuv, a teenager who survived the Parkland shooting, revealed that he had his admission to Harvard revoked after some of his racist texts from 2016 went viral.

Kashuv, a conservative pundit who became famous for opposing gun control after the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida, shared a thread to his Twitter account, in which he criticised Harvard's decision.

Opening the thread, he wrote:

1/ THREAD: Harvard rescinded my acceptance.

Three months after being admitted to Harvard Class of 2023, Harvard has decided to rescind my admission over texts and comments made nearly two years ago, months prior to the shooting.

I have some thoughts. Here’s what happened.

Harvard's decision to rescind Kashuv's offer has caused much debate online, with people re-sharing the racist comments.

Many are pointing out that being 16 is absolutely no excuse to use the 'n-word'.

And that it's correct that Harvard should take the entirety of Kashuv's background into consideration.

However, some think that Kashuv is actually the victim in the situation.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro even said that it was a 'cruel standard no one can possibly meet'.

While others just offered their 'thoughts and prayers' to Kushuv, who is an active supporter of the NRA.

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