Kylie Jenner slammed for 'not giving credit' to fashion designers on her Instagram

Kylie Jenner slammed for 'not giving credit' to fashion designers on her Instagram

Kylie Jenner has been called out over another Instagram post – although this time, it was over her supposed inability to properly thank fashion designers.

She posted a photo of herself in a Balmain dress for her birthday, thanking designer Olivier Rousteing in the caption.

Michael Costello – another well known fashion designer and former star of Project Runway – commented on her Instagram post, saying that Kylie doesn’t tag or mention “no-name designers who work tirelessly around the clock on custom looks”.

Jenner has been called out for this before – she often reportedly posts sponsored photos or images of her wearing gifted clothes from a range of designers. In July, she had posted a photo of herself wearing a dress from small London brand LoudBrand Studios, a black-owned business set up by a London born designer Jedidiah Duyile. But when she first posted the photos of her in their dress, she didn’t tag them – leading some fans to criticise her.

Some accused Jenner of only tagging brands when she’s being paid for it – as part of a sponsorship deal. Jenner replied on Twitter, saying that it was a "reach", "false" and that everyone should go and support Loudbrand studios (all of the brand’s clothes sold out immediately).

Costello spoke to Page Sixabout his comments, and doubled down on them, saying:

I’m tired of privileged celebrities and influencers with millions of followers who will only mention, tag or credit a few designers who pay them.”

“It is not right that they also demand thousands of other designers, who are just as equally if not more talented, to drop everything at a call to make them pieces that end up being rack fillers.”

“I am a firm believer that credit should be given where credit is due. They need to start acknowledging every single person who has worked tirelessly around the clock that helped to get them to where they are.”

He also said that there were many influencers and celebrities who take “advantage of their privilege” to get his team and people like him to work for free and then don’t even credit or pay the designers after everything is done.


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