Andrea and Mike Law celebrate their win (Camelot/PA)
Andrea and Mike Law celebrate their win (Camelot/PA)

A Worcestershire couple who landed a £2 million Lotto jackpot have said they plan to make new memories with loved ones after losing close family members during the pandemic.

Andrea Law 43, and her husband Mike, 50, said they plan to have “a wonderful time with the people we love” after their numbers came up on a Lucky Dip ticket bought online for the October 13 draw.

The couple, from Bromsgrove, are now planning trips to Greece and the USA, as well as home improvements including a new kitchen.

Mrs Law said: “The last 18 months have been tough for us, as they have been for everyone.

It isn’t about houses and cars, it's about staying grounded and having a wonderful time with the people we love

Andrea Law

“We have lost a number of close family members, including Mike’s mum last year rather suddenly which was incredibly hard for us all. It’s made it even more important for us to make memories.

“It isn’t about houses and cars, it’s about staying grounded and having a wonderful time with the people we love.”

Mrs Law found out she had won on the morning after the draw, while suffering a tooth infection, when she looked at her phone and saw the winning ticket and prize total.

“I didn’t know what to do, I was so shocked,” she said. “Then my son came in asking where his school uniform was so I was straight up and back to reality.

“I sorted him out for school and he went off with my husband and I went back upstairs and checked the ticket again.

Andrea and Mike Law celebrating their Lotto win. Credit: Camelot/PA

“I didn’t tell Mike straight away as he had to drive and take the kids to school. He would have ended up in a hedge, daydreaming about the win if I had told him before he left.

“The win means we can pay off our mortgage, which is massive for us.”

Mrs Law, a marketing and communications manager, and her husband, an art and photography teacher, plan to continue working as normal to set a good example for their two young children.

“We are both going to keep working, it just means we can retire sooner, and together,” she said.

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