More Americans went to the library than the cinema in 2019


According to a new Gallup poll, Americans spend more free time at the library than they do at sporting events, live music, museums, or even the cinema.

On average, people visited the library 10.5 times a year but only went on five cinema trips and five sporting events.

While this seems like great news, it’s also not mega surprising. Age and income played a role, which meant that young people went to the library more than older people (ie, students) and low-income households visited the library more often than high earners.

Libraries offer community services, free Wi-Fi, free books, and classes – it’s no surprise that low earners would hang out there more frequently than wealthy people.

For many, going to the library is less a leisure activity in the same way that a trip to the cinema is, but a lifeline.

With the cost of even just going to the cinema, it makes sense that Americans would be skipping the movies to go to the library or spend time at home.

Older people in their 30s and 40s tended to go to the theatre, cinema, and concerts more frequently, which makes sense, as they would be more financially stable.

Plus, when we can watch all the TV shows and movies we want in our own homes, why would we leave the house and spend an arm and a leg to do it?

You can see the rest of the findings here.

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