Lisa Guerrero reveals she had miscarriage during Monday Night Football broadcast

‘Women’s rights matter’: Idaho woman describes horrific 19-day miscarriage

Former sportscaster Lisa Guerrero shared the heartbreaking news that she suffered a miscarriage during a Monday Night Football broadcast.

Guerrero is set to release her upcoming memoir Warrior, where she details her experience of working with MNF for the 2003-2004 season, the misogyny she faced from fans, and her executive producer Freddie Gaudelli, who criticized her clothes, and script writing abilities.

With the stress from all that negative chatter, Guerrero was released from MNF after one season.

However, late in that season, Guerrero had a miscarriage on air during a game, carrying this pain with her for nearly 20 years.

Speaking with PEOPLE, Guerrero said that people who were aware of what was happening with her boss and how she was being received in the media looked at her with "pity," leading her to feel "shame."

"I was a shell of myself. And I felt such shame and embarrassment that the last thing I was going to say is, 'Oh, and by the way, I just had a miscarriage,'" she told the outlet.

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Gaudelli, who has executive produced NFL games for 33 seasons, told Indy100 that he was always trying to "advocate" for Guerrero and disagrees with her thoughts about their interactions.

"Her memory of that season and mine are quite different. This is the first time I'm learning of her pregnancy, and I'm sorry that she struggled through that difficult time without the full support of the team surrounding her," he said.

Guerrero also reflected on the moment she was experiencing her miscarriage. She said she experienced pain in her abdomen but decided to carry on with her reports.

"When I felt a dampness between my legs, I thought, 'Oh, I got my period.' And then I remembered I was pregnant. I was having a miscarriage! I could feel blood leaking. The officials' bathroom was in the tunnel behind me," she said.

Guerrero further explained that when the game was finished, she was supposed to meet with Gaudelli, but she decided to hop on a plane and head home.

"In the bathroom [on board], I changed clothes and dumped my underwear and pants in the garbage can. I looked into the mirror and didn't recognize the pale, gaunt, scared, and so very tired woman who stared back at me," she said.

Still, Guerrero further noted that she doesn't blame "one person" for her miscarriage.

"It was a culmination of the entire season of negativity and cruelty. It was really cruel."

Guerrero's memoir Warrior is set to be released on 24 January.

Indy100 reached out to Guerrero for comment.

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