The 19 best tweets from the British local elections

Josh Withey@josh_withey
Friday 05 May 2017 11:30
Picture:(Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

America - Hi, how's things? If you're waking up and seeing British twitter freaking out slightly, it's because we just had a series of local elections.

Obviously, the fallout of these aren't quite as catastrophic as your entire health system being dismantled - but it might help to distract from it.

Results are still coming in from councils across United Kingdom, but it looks like the Conservative party are set to make huge gains, taking seats off the Labour party and the right-wing Ukip party which seems to set to be utterly annihilated.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats seem to be a slow meandering decline.

As Theresa May's Conservatives takes control of local councils up and down the land, this tweet perhaps best summed up the results as they trickled in.

A lot of people were distilling election results into emoji format this year, clearly they all watched last week's episode of Doctor Who.

Many people picked up on the fact that Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party, was to blame for the parties unpopular standing with the electorate.

Some people were still on his side though.

As various guests popped up on BBC News, it was almost as if no one wanted to influence the general election that is due to take place in a month's time with premature celebration.

No one seemed particularly surprised by the results that were rolling in.

We all know we only watch election coverage for one person.

Ok... Two people and the always strong Dimbleby tie game.

Time to check in with how Ukip are doing.

Even The Rubbish Party are doing better than Ukip at the moment.

People are still mocking Diane Abbott's maths skills.

That slogan keeps popping up... What was it again?

For some, the stakes couldn't be higher in this white knuckle ride of local elections.

If you're looking at this a little confused, you can boil down even the most complex election voting patterns to bin collections.

Bin collections are key. Promise more bin collections and the voters will take care of you.

Seriously, we Brits love our bin chat.

So much.


It all got a bit meta.

And now that that's all done, we've just got the parliamentary elections to look forward to.

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