YouTuber Logan Paul made an important point about masculinity and people ‘can't believe’ they agree

Logan Paul left everyone pleasantly surprised after he made calmly an important and progressive argument about ‘toxic masculinity’.

The controversial YouTuber called out his friends for their reaction to Harry Styles – after the singer made headlines when he became the first solo man on the cover of Vogue.

A few conservative commentators lashed out at the former One Direction star for the photoshoot, in which he wore a dress, calling to bring “manly men” back. Paul astonished social media when he immediately jumped to Styles' defence on his Impaulsive podcast.

Paul read out a quote from Candace Owens, who criticised the “feminisation” of men following the release of Styles’ photoshoot, and said on Twitter: “Bring back manly men.”

“Bring back manly men?” Paul asked. “Because of Harry Styles wearing a dress in a field?”

Co-host Spencer Taylor replied, “That ain’t manly, bro.”

“Bro, why?” Paul responded. “What is manly to you? What does it mean? Is manly being comfortable in your own skin and being comfortable with who you are regardless of what people think about what you’re wearing?”

Majlak accused the YouTuber of “getting combative”, but the Paul was not having it. “I’m listening to you telling me you don’t want to judge people and then I’m watching you judge people,” Paul told Janko.

Paul's demeanour and his knowledge on the subject impressed people across Twitter:

“I’ve made fun of Logan Paul so much in the past and now I really have to acknowledge how impressed I am,” Washington Post journalist Dave Jorgenson wrote on Twitter. “This is a masterclass in addressing toxic masculinity with your friends and calling them out in a calm, thoughtful way.”

“For once I agree with Logan Paul. The two guys he was talking to went all "I'm a victim." because Logan didn't just sit quietly,” another user wrote.

Others were impressed that he did not succumb to the obvious "gaslighting" inflicting by his friends. "Logan points out a toxic thought & the other guy gets SO defensive he tries to make Logan feel like he's being crazy and unreasonable," as one person commented.

Logan Paul has faced his fair share of backlash over the years. In 2017, he made global headlines when he uploaded a video to youtube showing the corpse of a man who had died by suicide. He has also claimed his new year’s resolution was that he would “go gay for a month”, which was met with widespread condemnation.

And so many people “can’t believe” they are agreeing with him now.

As Iain Leggat put it, “In no way saying he is a perfect person - just good to see toxic masculinity being dismantled in this format”.

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