People love this London Underground sign which sums up British stoicism

Georgina Stubbs/PA Wire

People have been sharing photographs of this defiant message at a London Underground station.

The information board at Walthamstow Central tube station has a powerful message in response to the perpetrators of the terrorist attack at London Bridge and Borough Market.

Seven people have been confirmed dead, in addition to three terrorists who were shot dead at the scene by armed police.

Picture:Image taken Sunday 4 June 2017. (Picture: Georgina Stubbs/PA Wire)


London Bridge will never fall down.

You can't break our spirit.

The message has been widely shared on social media:

And unofficial Twitter and Instagram account @Oval_station also shared these images of message boards, purportedly from Oval station and Clapham North station.

Similar inspirational messages were written on tube signs following the attack on Westminster Bridge on 22 March.

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