London is officially the world's most expensive city for public transport

London is officially the world's most expensive city for public transport

Transport in London often feels like a bit of a rip off, doesn't it?

But now, the grumbles of Londoners have been vindicated after new research confirms that transport in London is higher than in any other major city worldwide. Yes, really.

Deutsche Bank recently released a survey of global prices and living standards from various cities and countries. Among the many different categories analysed was the price of public transport in 55 major cities.

The research showed that monthly travel could cost you very different amounts of money depending on where you live. For instance, it tallied in at $89 in Berlin but just $15 in Buenos Aires on average.

Though even Berlin was nowhere near as high as London, where a monthly transport pass sets commuters back a whopping $179 (£141). Though it’s not all bad, because despite the high price, the UK's capital does have an extensive and efficient network with the buses, the tube and light rail accounting for 37 per cent of the city's journeys.

Graphic: Statista

Dublin comes second on the list of the most expensive cities for commuters and a monthly ticket in the Irish capital costs $128 (£101) on average. Auckland in New Zealand comes in third overall with $125.70 (£99). The first US city on the list is New York where a monthly pass averages $121 (£96).

Though if visitors hope to avoid London’s high transport costs, there’s bad news, because London also has the highest average daily costs for hiring a car at $172 (£136).

Anyone fancy a walk?

H/T: Statista

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