These traffic camera seagulls are keeping an eye out for TfL

A group of seagulls are the latest stars of Transport for London’s traffic news service.

TfL started posting pictures of the gulls on Monday after the birds repeatedly photobombed their traffic cameras.

And within a matter of hours, they’d quickly become internationally famous…

So famous that the video of the gulls, giving a "bird's eye view" of London, has already been viewed nearly 2 million times.

It follows another tweet showing a gull named “Steven Seagull”, who was pictured by Traffic Scotland a few weeks ago.

That tweet didn’t get a huge amount of attention but TfL’s video caught the public’s imagination and inspired a wave of jokes and terrible puns.

Honestly, there were so many bad puns…

The gulls are now a regular feature on TfL’s account and they made another appearance this morning, helping the service out at "beak times"...

The birds should probably ask for something back from TfL after all the free publicity they've given them.

HT: Twitter Moments

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