A new study looking at diversity across Europe has found that the UK is lagging behind in a number of key equality categories namely, the gender pay gap.

Research pulled together by Spotahome has found that the UK is, disappointingly, ranked the 13th for equality out of 36 countries in Europe.

It came ahead of Austria (17th) and Hungary (27th), but far behind Norway (1st) and France (11th).

The survey also found that London – renowned for its diverse and multicultural landscape – is the fourth least equal city in Europe when it came to the gender pay gap.

This doesn't come as a surprise: in the report the Trade Union Congress (TUC) notes the gender pay gap sits at 18.4 percent, which means women in the UK “effectively work for free for the first 67 days of the year”.

Spotathome found best country for the gender pay gap was Luxembourg, while the worst was Turkey.

The UK came in at second for LGBT+ friendliness with its cities dominating the rankings: Edinburgh came in at second, London third and Bristol 6th.

The UK was also 12th best for its attitude on immigrant acceptance,

A note on methodology.

Picture:Picture: (spotahome screengrab )

The survey measured equality at city and country level by creating an ‘Equality Index’ based on six factors for the former and ten for the latter: Male vs female labour force participation, gender pay gap, income equality, LGBT+ friendliness, quality of life, political rights & civil liberties, wheelchair accessibility, immigrant acceptance, women in Fortune 500 companies and women in politics.

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