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A Korean-American woman was subjected to a verbal racist attack on the streets of Los Angeles by a Trump supporter before the man got his comeuppance.

The incident allegedly happened to 29-year-old Jeanne Heo towards the end of January as she was travelling to a work-related meeting that morning.

Considering the time of day Jeanne was a little sleepy and briefly closed her eyes while on her train journey.

When she reopened them, she claims she was confronted by a shaven-headed man wearing sunglasses who asked her:

Are you tired? You look sleepy.

Do you speak English? Are you American?

Jeanne tried not to engage with the man, as she suspected he was trying to flirt with her.

Eventually, she answered "yes" to his questions - but that didn't stop his harassment.

As she got off the train at North Hollywood station, she said the man continued to follow her and asked questions such as:

Where are your genetics from? Are you Korean?

At this point, the man's behaviour and language turned to racism and hate speech.

In a video captured by Jeanne and shared on Twitter, the man can be heard saying a string of racial insults as well as "God bless Trump" and "we're going to nuke you."

Warning: The following video contains very strong language.

Speaking to BuzzFeed Jeanne said that the man in question was punched in the face by an African American man who Jeanne had previously seen on the train.

Of the incident, she said that it was "immediate street justice", but added that the man then chose to racially abuse the man who had punched him.

He reportedly said:

Get back in your cage, you n*****s are all the same.

The video, which was originally posted on Facebook before it was removed as it was "against community standards", has since gone viral.

Jeanne eventually decided not to contact the police, but admitted that she didn't feel like she had been victimised.

She told BuzzFeed:

A lot of people think I’ve been victimized. I don't feel like I'm victimized, I’m very proud of the way I handled the situation.

BuzzFeed adds that they contacted the LA Police Department where a spokesperson declared that "no actual crime has been committed" and that is was just "a verbal disagreement."

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