Love Island is back, and already people are getting annoyed by the contestants – or, well, one in particular.

Amber Gill has been called “ageist” by viewers online after she said 28-year-old Callum Macleod, who she was coupled up with, is “old.”

Yes. Born in 1990 is now Queen of the Damned old.

The 21-year-old Georgie contestant asked how old Macleod was, and when he told her replied with, “Ah, so you are old then.”

After an attempt made by Macleod to laugh it off, saying he looks “young for his age”, she doubled down and said he looked 28, and that actually she might be too much of a “diva” for him.

Oh Love Island, serving us that intelligent conversation.

Viewers thought Amber was a bit much.

"Amber is cancelled."

The biggest question is... can over 30s retire, then?

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