Japan zoo uses man in furry suit during 'escaped lion drill'

Japan zoo uses man in furry suit during 'escaped lion drill'

The internet is the gift that keeps on giving, and today it just doesn't get any better than a viral video of a lion "escape drill" at a Japanese zoo, performed with someone dressed in a full-on animal costume.

On Saturday, Tobe Zoo in Ehime conducted a very serious and elaborate escaped lion drill, which included everything from an air gun, net and man in a furry-costume running around.

The video shared by local news agency Mainichi News Group shows zoo staffers all participating in the amusing drill which is apparently done every year in the event of an earthquake or other incidents that could lead to the lions escaping.

Naturally, the internet couldn't keep it together, especially pointing out the amusing reactions of the real lions in the background as they watched the whole show unfold. The responses are hilarious.

I worked in a zoo and can confirm they do these drills like this 😂 one time they did a rhino drill and very slowly drove a golf cart around with a rhino label on it lmao

BONUS: They also do it with Rhinos..

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