The Conservative party's anti-Corbyn Love Island themed water bottles didn't go to plan


The Conservative party launched a totally hip new campaign to celebrate the Love Island final and burn Jeremy Corbyn in one fell swoop... with a water bottle giveaway.

No, unfortunately you're not dreaming, it seems like life has finally become an actual living nightmare

Thankfully, the promotion was later reworded and all references to the hit show removed

Alas, the Conservative party's attempt to reach young voters with a free water bottle didn't go entirely to plan.

That's not surprising, though, given the promotion was pegged entirely on what their exceptionally out-of-touch team perceive to be the coolest thing that young people are into at the moment: Love Island and hating Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Following media enquiries about possible trademark infringement, the Conservatives have removed all references to Love Island from the competition, reports The Guardian.

The whole thing beggars belief and honestly an eerily specific GIF of the amazing Steve Buscemi comes to mind:


Ahead of the final, the Tories even went as far as setting up a special webpage, dedicated to advertising a free giveaway of these water bottles similar to those on the show, with a hilarious pointless political twist to the bottle.

Written on the side of the bottle are words with which presumably aim to galvanise the young voter, to spark a national movement and have them flock to the cause.

What are these words you ask? Well, buckle up because they may change your life:

Don't let Corbyn mug you off

They honestly could've written 'Don't let Big Foot mug you off' and it might've made a bit more sense.

It's important to stress once more that this is in fact happening and appears to be entirely serious.

The Conservative-branded website previously said:

Yeah that's right - we're giving away Love Island water bottles for the final (obviously).

Some with a political twist, some not so much. Either way you're going to be staying hydrated.

The website continued:

With just a limited number available, winners will be chosen at random. So don't miss your chance to get yours.

It did not go to plan.

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