Rishi Sunak releases new campaign highlighting cost of living crisis help

In case you weren't sure about the extent of the cost of living crisis, consider that shoppers have spotted Lurpak butter for more than £9 a pack.

It was reported Iceland has a one kilogram pack priced at £9.35, though the supermarket deny it while Sainsbury’s online and in store list a 750g tub for £7.25. Yes, really.

It comes as the country faces the worst inflation in 40 years, and it is pretty ridiculous to think livening up your toast with a salty spread could break the bank like that.

Especially when comparing it to other household items...

So here are a few things that would set you back less than household staple, butter:

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1. Freddos

The universally accepted barometer for inflation, a Freddo chocolate bar now costs 30p on average, according to the Liverpool Echo. That is pretty disgraceful but compared to butter? Pennies.

2. Steak from Waitrose

We always thought steak was pretty bougie but you can nab a rump steak for £3 from Waitrose, which we also thought was bougie. Not as bougie as butter, clearly.

3. Flights

Really. You can catch a flight from Pierowall in the Orkney islands to Kirkwall in mainland Scotland for £9. Specifically on 1 August and returning a mere few hours later but that seems a better use of money than buying a tub of butter.

Catch flights not butter.


4. Prosecco

Most bottles of prosecco come in at under a tenner in supermarkets. Better than butter.

5. Margarine

We understand that Freddos, steak, flights and prosecco aren't a valid substitute for butter but margarine is, and Iceland lists 500g of Bertolli spread for £2.35.

Put that on your toast and spread it.

6. Caviar

A tub of caviar from Ocado is £4.50 - another salty item that may go well on toast (?)

7. Fries from the Salt Bae restaurant

They are £9, so they are by no means cheap, but even Salt Bae isn't ripping people off as much as big Lurpak.

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