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A man who offered six pointers to help women “keep” men is being absolutely obliterated on Twitter.

Twitter user Rich Cooper took to the social networking platform and decided, of his own volition, without anyone asking him - nobody asked him - to share “how to keep a man in 6 simple steps”.

The list reads like a parody of a 1960s handbook on heteronormative dating practices.

1. Learn how to cook amazing dishes

2. Be feminine (long hair, makeup, nail etc)

3. Don’t nag him over trivial things

4. Be debt free

5. Don’t be a single mum

6. Know how to please him in bed

At this point, people are so exhausted with misogyny on the internet they’re struggling.

Men are apologising for this guy's comments - and telling him to just not.

There are those still clinging onto the hope that this is some sort of high-brow sarcasm.

Unlikely guys. A quick perusal of his Twitter page sees him referring to a woman as a "whale" and there's also this statement: "If you remove sex from a relationship, you will discover that 90% of women have nothing to offer men in relationships."

Some are correcting his list.

Others decided to take it upon themselves to educate Cooper.

This person pointed out that Rich might be a fragile-masculined dudebro.

And this person suggested there may be something Freudian about his demands.

He's basically got the intellectual lurgies.

Also PSA: Women are autonomous, complex creatures whose lives don't revolve around the singular need to acquire a man.

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