<p>Dating app or site in mobile phone screen. </p>

Dating app or site in mobile phone screen.

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A man has launched a lawsuit against an exclusive dating website because he says there are not enough women on the database.

Ian Cross, 29, claims the HMZ Group, which operates the dating platform The Denver Dating Co, exaggerated the number of women signed up to the site.

According to the Denver Post, the Denver Dating Co is described as a members-only service. Those who sign up must go through a screening process which “ensures they are functioning members of our community”. They are also offered professional photography session, as well as sessions with company matchmakers.

According to the Post, Cross paid $9,409 for site membership and hoped to meet “single women his age”.

When he met with one of the dating site’s representatives in January, the company apparently claimed there were a “huge number of single women” in the 25 to 35 age range and that there had been several new members due to a “wave of breakups” prompted by the pandemic.

But when he was granted access to the site in February, he could apparently only find five women in the 18 to 35 age range.

The lawsuit also claims the company used “online reviews of fake or fictitious customers” in order to “create a false impression with the public regarding the quality and characteristics of its service”.

Cross’ lawyer, Eric Coakley, told BusinessDen that Cross contacted the company about the issue but that, after an initial response, the company stopped all communication.

Cross is now seeking an undisclosed amount of damages from the company.

The company has not responded publicly to the lawsuit.

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