How much it costs to live in another country, mapped

Allison Christians / Jake Heyka

Language, food, music, questionable tax laws... There's a lot that sets countries apart from each other.

But national dishes aside, there's a cost attached to becoming a resident or citizen of another country, and the difference in prices is huge.

Allison Christians has written a post on the​ Tax, society and culture blog, explaining that she is working on residence and citizenship by investment programmes. This is a process where wealthy people can obtain a second citizenship quickly by investing or donating a sum of money.

In other words, it's the price a country puts on its citizenship.

The lowest required amount is offered by Panama and Paraguay, at around $5,000, while you'd pay the highest price for citizenship in France, at $10.6 million, followed by Russia at £9 million.

Croissants are overrated, anyway.

The average price of citizenship by investment across the world is a healthy sum of $1.2m.

Here's the map showing costs of investment programmes currently on offer across the world:

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