A map of the rudest place names in the world
Picture: Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick

Because we are all essentially children in grown up bodies, inappropriate things will always make us snort with laughter.

To that effect, the good map makers over at Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick have made a NSFW Very Rude World Map.

It's glorious.


The European continent has some of the naughtiest-sounding names. You can visit Piles in Spain, Middelfart in Denmark and take a drive through Butthole Lane in England. Bridges are often scenic, and while Tickle Cock Bridge is a rundown underpass, Bonar Bridge in Scotland will give you some fantastic views.

North Africa and the Middle East

Saudi Arabia’s Fun Tayim will no doubt bring much enjoyment, and you can fly in to Chad’s Dildo Airport and make your way cross country to Nigerian towns Fuka and Bum.

North America

Taking the Ragged Ass Road in Canada, stop off at Lake Minnewanka for photo opportunities, and then drive all the way to the US border town Big Beaver.

Once you’ve crossed the border into the US, you can visit Lake Titsworth and maybe even hit up a few towns – New Erection and Horneytown to name a few.


Starting off in the Filipino city of Sexmoan, you can work your way down to Bollock, hop on a boat and travel to nearby Bum Bum Island.

For those wishing to travel far down under, there are a number of places worthy of a visit: Intercourse Island, off the coast of Australia, Mount Fanny and Mount Buggery on the mainland; Pensioners Bush is another small island, and Nervous Knob is a beautiful hill in Canterbury, New Zealand.

If you're not giggling, you're not human.

You can buy the maps, which can be mounted on a wall, here.

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