Allison Hammond’s TV interviews are the stuff of legend.

But we never expected she would do an interview as awkward as the one she’s just done with music icon Mariah Carey.

After Hammond gifted Carey with her own slightly out of tune version of a Christmas song, a confused Carey asked:

Are you mocking me?

Carey looked decidedly unimpressed Hammond began to sing, leaving Hammond to awkwardly clarify that, in fact, she was not mocking Carey at all.

Moving on from the awkward moment, Carey gave Hammond some much needed advice on the tune, saying:

It's fabulous, but you need to add an 'to you' to it.

After all, Carey writes most of her songs, including 'Hero' and 'Obsessed', so she’s one of the best people to ask for song writing advice.

But after this encounter, she might be steering clear of interviews with Hammond in future.

Still, it could always be worse, this wasn't in the same league of awkward as Ellen DeGeneres's recent interview with Dakota Johnson –​ our toes are still curled.

H/T: The Sun

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