Marianne Williamson's response to a child asking if she has a pet is the most Marianne Williamson answer ever

Louis Staples
Wednesday 31 July 2019 10:30

Democratic candidate for president Marianne Williamson, the walking meme herself, is known for her unorthodox campaigning style.

Last night, during the second Democratic presidential debate, she said president Trump had a “dark psychic force” that was gripping America.

Since her presidential campaign went viral at the last debate, there’s been a lot of chatter about Williamson’s message. Should she be taken seriously? Some think yes, others disagree. The only thing people seem to agree on is that Williamson is unlike any candidate we’ve seen before.

One moment which sums this up perfectly happened after the debate, when Williamson was asked by a young boy whether she had a pet.

In characteristically zany style, she responded that she did have a cat but it died.

On Twitter people found Williamson’s honest reply hilarious.

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