Tory MP Mark Francois filmed telling anti-Brexit protester that 'we are signing your death warrant'

Steve Bray/ Twitter/ Screengrab

Mark Francois, one of the most prominent and outspoken Brexiteers in Westminster, has been filmed threatening an anti-Brexit campaigner with a 'death warrant'.

The Tory MP and ardent Brexiteer is well known for not holding his tongue on certain issues, has previously been accused of xenophobia and once said 'up yours' to Philip Hammond on Radio 4.

In a video that appears to have been filmed on Tuesday, Francois is confronted by renowned anti-Brexit protestor Steve Bray who is brandishing placards and wrapped in an EU/UK flag.

In response to this, Francois turns around an addresses Bray by effectively saying that Brexiteer's are putting him 'out of a job' and that 'we're signing your death warrant'.

In the nicest possible way, we're signing your death warrant on the 31 October and you'll be out of a job.

The clip has since made it's way on to social media, where Francois has been heavily criticised for his comments towards Bray.

indy100 has contacted Mark Francois for comment.

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