There's a national shortage of Marmite and half the population is very upset about it

A shortage of yeast means that there's currently also a shortage of Marmite, and naturally people are divided on the issue.

UK brewers slowed down yeast production in response to pubs closing because of the coronavirus pandemic, which has had a knock-on effect on Marmite.

As they explained on Twitter, Marmite have temporarily suspended production on their 400g "squeezy jars", instead just selling smaller 250g jars of the yeasty spread.

Crucially, the Australian Associated Press has confirmed that Vegemite won't be affected, much to Aussies' relief.

But the Marmite shortage is devastating to some Brits (and fairly welcome to others).

Although it's famously divisive, Marmite is probably the one product no-one thought to stockpile before lockdown.

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