This story about a physicist who tried marshmallow test on his 3-year-old granddaughter will restore your faith in humanity


A scientist did the Marshmellow Test on his granddaughter – an experiment that tests a person’s ability to delay gratification – and the results were adorable.

Richard Muller, a physics professor at the University of California, Berkeley, answered a question posed on Quora.

A user asked: "What is the loveliest thing a child has ever said you?"

In response, Dr Muller shared that he performed the social experiment on his grandchild.

“According to extensive experiments, children who ‘pass’ the ‘marshmallow test’ are far more successful in later life,” he wrote.

They have learned a fundamental truth in life that delayed gratification can lead to a far better long-term outcome.

He swapped marshmallows for chocolate pieces, as his eight-year-old granddaughter Layla likes them more, and asked her to wait ten minutes. If she succeeded, she could ask for another piece.

His eight-year-old granddaughter Layla managed to wait ten minutes without eating the chocolate, and asked grandad for her second piece.

What happened next will warm the cold, dark coddles of your heart.

That’s when she looked up at me and asked, 'Would you like one grandpa?'

Needless to say, from that moment on I would readily give my life for her.

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