A baseball lies inside a large leather glove near a wooden bat on a white background.

Listeners of the Australian radio station KIIS FM have been left scratching their heads over a Grade 2 maths question posed during the breakfast programme.

One caller named Liam dialled in to the The Kyle and Jackie O Show to ask: “If you buy a baseball bat and a baseball and your total is $1.10, and the bat cost one dollar more than the ball, how much is the ball?” 

Host Jackie O soon answered with 10 cents, followed by another guess of $1, only to be told that both were incorrect.

However, newsreader Brooklyn Ross soon got the question right, revealing that the correct answer is five cents, with the bat costing $1.05.

“I think I’ve even heard that before, but I’ve forgotten the answer. It’s one of those famous questions,” Jackie went on to add.

The programme later posted the question on their Instagram page, with many commenters replying with 10 cents.

“I just failed grade two maths,” replied one user, while another said the sum “hurts my brain”.

Fortunately it’s unlikely people in the UK will need to buy a baseball bat any time soon.

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