Health Secretary Matt Hancock is being called "disgusting" and disrespectful" for saying that four doctors "and some nurses" have died of the coronavirus.

Speaking on BBC Question Time, Hancock said:

We've seen very sadly four doctors die so far and some nurses.

His remark seems typical of the outdated belief that nurses are somehow of secondary importance to doctors.

The health secretary was immediately called out by Dame Donna Kinnair, chief executive of the Royal College of Nursing who was sitting beside him.

"They're not even counting the nurses, Matt. I've got to have a conversation with you about that" she said.

Mr Hancock claimed to have been unaware of this before moving swiftly on.

People aren't happy about his remarks.

The lack of statistics on nurses's deaths during their fight against Covid-19 is truly shocking.

Healthcare workers are risking their lives to keep us safe during the pandemic.

The least the government can do is keep a record of those who have sadly passed away.

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