Comedian tears apart Matt Hancock’s confusing answer during coronavirus briefing

Earlier this week the health secretary announced that a new coronavirus contact-tracing app would be launched on the Isle of Wight.

He announced this on Monday during the daily press briefing but he was somewhat left lost for words when he was asked if the app leaves them in a catch-22 situation where lockdown will prevent people from coming into contact with others.

Hancock began his answer with a short and simple 'no' but expanded it to say that the technology can still work as there are still new cases being reported.

That being said his response was a little confusing as proven by this video from comedian and actor Michael Spicer, who has been doing 'The room next door' videos for quite some time now, where he mostly mocks politicians for fumbling over their words during speeches and press conferences.

Here is his latest effort on the aforementioned answer from Hancock:

The two minute 20-second clip was shared on Twitter on Saturday morning and at the time of writing has already been viewed more than 500,000 times and needless to say, people think it is very funny.

We doubt Hancock will be commenting on this but after PC World began to trend on Twitter, Spicer did apologise saying that he had 'nothing against their branch managers.'

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