The ten-year run of Friends has long finished and yet the series remains alive as fans continue to discover hidden goodies in episode reruns.

Most recently, we discovered there’s something going on with Matt LeBlanc “Joey” in season 4 episode 22.

It’s the 1998 episode where Joey loses Ross’s wedding ring (The One with the Worst Best Man Ever), and in the scene in question Chandler and his two partners-in-crime, corner the stripper who they think stole the ring.

Ross is, predictably freaking out...

Picture: Warner Bros/ YouTube

But hang on...where's Joey gone...?

Picture: Warner Bros/ YouTube

Did you see it?

Picture: Warner Bros/ YouTube

Here he is, muffling laughter in the background

Picture: Warner Bros/ YouTube

It's a wonder the other two manage to keep a straight face, to be honest.

And maybe it wasn't laughter. Maybe he sneezed. Or coughed. Or he was eating a sandwich.

Picture: Warner Bros/ YouTube

But let's be real. He was probably laughing.

H/T: Buzzfeed

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