TalkTV pundit slammed for criticising oven chips advert starring drag queen

TalkTV pundit slammed for criticising oven chips advert starring drag queen
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A TalkTV panellist has criticised McCain Foods over its use of a drag queen in an advert for oven chips.

Writer and broadcaster Emma Webb appeared on the show where she slammed the frozen food company for using a “very vivacious drag queen” in its oven chips commercial.

Iconic drag queen Baga Chipz featured in the ad that has now been pulled following complaints, according to Campaign Live.

Webb explained that in the ad, Baga created a dish using potato smilies and used pieces of meat to create “massive knockers”.

She criticised the ad, claiming that she saw comments from women who argued that “this is ‘womanface’, like blackface” and said women were offended.

Webb continued claiming: “Drag queens are something that are inherently sexualised, they’re a sexualised performance, like burlesque.

“We’ve seen all throughout Pride these images of people who are doing sexual things and being sexualised around children at Pride events.

“And now to have a drag queen, as if that somehow represents the gay community, but to have a very sexualised drag queen presenting and advertising a children’s food, I think there are a lot of people who are very annoyed about it.”

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In the comments on the clip, some people highlighted the hypocrisy that Webb is not up in arms about pantomime dames or other adverts that could be considered sexualised.

One person wrote: “No going to the pantomime for you then Emma.”

Someone else pointed out: “Emma, most children are aware of drag courtesy of Pantomime Dames, a British tradition that dates back to 1806.

“If they don’t, being exposed to drag is no safeguarding issue unless you hold the homophobic opinion that #LGBTQ+ culture is detrimental to children?”

Another added: “Ok, can we ‘slam’ heterosexual fragrances for practically having sex to sell products. Emma’s not very bright.”

“Never saw this much discussion about that advert where they implied someone was f**king the red M&M,” argued another Twitter user.

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