McDonald's is adding chicken Big Mac to UK menu - and Brits can't wait to try it

Attention McDonald's lovers.

The fast food chain has announced that they are adding a chicken version of their iconic Big Mac burger to their UK menu, and Brits can't wait to try it.

The iconic Big Mac has two beef patties, slices of cheese, lettuce, pickles and of course the Big Mac sauce in a three-layered bun.

The new sandwich will swap the beef patties for crispy chicken.

The chicken Big Mac is already available in other countries such as Australia and the United Arab Emirates, but it is the first time the item has been added to the UK menu.

The new twist on a culinary fast food classic will be available from February 2 in over 1,300 UK restaurants and customers can expect to pay £4.09 for the burger - slightly more pricey than the original Big Mac, at an extra 50p more.

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As well as costing more money, the chicken Big Mac also has more calories (544) than the original Big Mac which has 508 calories.

But if you want to give the chicken Big Mac a try, it's better to buy it sooner rather than later because it's only available for a limited time until March 15.

News of the chicken Big Mac dropped on the McDonald's UK Twitter account.

Of course, McDonald's fans were quick to share their thoughts on the new addition to the menu.

Plenty of people were hyped to give the chicken Big Mac a taste.

Though it seems others needed more convincing...

While some still can't get over the fact that McDonald's recently announced they were removing Breakfast Bagels and Breakfast Wraps from their breakfast menu.

Though there is some good news as some food favourites are returning to the menu from February 2, including the double Big Mac, mozzarella dippers, the Chicken Legend, along with the Galaxy chocolate and salted caramel McFlurries.

While some people are debating whether the chicken Big Mac should instead be renamed as the "Chick Mac."

Elsewhere, McDonald's recently pleased their vegan customers by bringing out their vegan McPlant burger in January.

They also announced a new loyalty scheme called MyMcDonald’s Rewards, where customers can earn points every time they order and the reward points can be exchanged for free meals or a charity donation if they are feeling generous.

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