McDonald's could soon start printing number plates on orders to stop littering

McDonald's could soon start printing number plates on orders to stop littering
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McDonald's restaurants across Wales could soon begin printing number plates on customers' wrappers to prevent them from littering.

In a report fromWales Online, Chris Howell who is in charge of Swansea Council's head of waste, parks, and cleansing - believes that the idea has potential but thinks there are still many questions about how this would work effectively.

Howell explained at a climate change committtee meeting that the government was exploring its options with McDonald's.

However, he shared that it's unclear what fast food franchise would be the first to give the initiative a go and the effect it would have because people wouldn't be pleased about "their private details printed on that packaging."

Despite that, Howell said that it was still a "good idea" with some "difficulties."

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Wales Online also reported that around two years ago, the political party Plaid Cymru created a petition that called on fast-food companies in the area to print the number plates on drive-thru packaging.

During that time, the amount of litter increased, and people went to outlets after the first Covid-19 lockdown.

The Welsh Government said littering is a no-no and that it was creating a new prevention plan with businesses and councils present.

A representative for McDonald's spoke with Ladbible and shared that the fast-food powerhouse wasn't "convinced" that the idea would have proper "evidence" for local authorities to clamp down on "prosecuting litter offences."

Still, the representative said they will still keep the proposal's "feasibility under review" and would reward customers for throwing their waste into the bin with their partnerships and support of anti-litter campaigns such as Keep Britain Tidy.

According to Keep Britain Tidy, an estimated two million pieces of garbage is left around the UK daily.

Indy100 reached out to McDonald's for comment.

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