Brits would be stunned at US McDonald's cheeseburger price - it costs double

Brits would be stunned at US McDonald's cheeseburger price - it costs double
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News that McDonald's increased its cost of cheeseburgers by 20 pence has hit Brits hard, leading some to point out that the price in America is nearly double that.

On Wednesday, the fast-food chain confirmed it had risen it's prices for the first time in 14 years much to the chagrin of UK citizens who felt the increase was unnecessary.

A cheeseburger, which was originally 99p ($1.19) is now £1.19 ($1.43).

“Just like you, our company, our franchisees who own and operate our restaurants, and our suppliers are all feeling the impact of rising inflation,” McDonald’s UK & Ireland chief executive officer Alistair Macrow said.

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On social media, Brits had a meltdown over the increase declaring it 'unethical' and a 'dark day in UK history' while Americans sat by confused by the uproar.

In the US, a McDonald's cheeseburger is double, sometimes even higher- although it depends on the city you're located in.

At its most expensive, a cheeseburger in New York is $3.39 (£2.81) whereas in a state like Iowa a cheeseburger is $2.99 (£2.48). Either way, both prices are double what a regular cheeseburger costs in the UK.

The price of food has increased is due to inflation across the world. The US has specifically been hit hard with a sharp increase in prices with things like milk and alcohol.

The last time McDonald’s raised the price of its cheeseburger in the UK was in 2008 global financial crisis.

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