Fox News host says she paid nearly $11 for a gallon of milk and people have questions

Fox News host says she paid nearly $11 for a gallon of milk and people have questions
Inflation hits America's dairy farms

While speaking about inflation, Fox News anchor Sandra Smith informed audiences she paid nearly $11 for a gallon of milk in New York City - but some people are confused.

On Friday morning's episode of America's Newroom, Smith, 41, spoke about her experience with inflation.

"I bought a gallon of milk last night, granted we live in New York things are higher priced than a lot of other areas in the country, it's nearly $11 for a gallon of milk at a New York grocery store," Smith said.

As inflation continues to soar, the agriculture industry is being forced to raise its prices to keep up with production, no doubt food has become more expensive.

But viewers questioned Smith's claim of $11 per gallon of milk.

"Complaining about inflation, Fox anchor Sandra Smith says it's nearly $11 for a gallon of milk in New York -- there's no way this is true, right? New Yorkers, help me out here," Lis Power said on Twitter.

People who responded indicated they believed the Fox News anchor was exaggerating the cost of milk, or buying a specialty brand that was more expensive.

Depending on what type of milk Smith is buying and where from will depend on the cost but according to the Agriculture Marketing Service Retail Milk Prices Report, the average cost per gallon of regular milk in New York City this year has been $4.64 per gallon.

Organic regular milk is averaging $4.26 per half-gallon and 2% milk is averaging $4.63 per gallon.

At Whole Foods in New York City, the most costly gallon of milk is a gallon of half-and-half at $8.79.

At Trader Joe's, organic milk is the most costly at $6.99 per gallon.

Both stores are popular places for people to grocery shop and have many milk and milk alternative options that cost under $5.

However, it seems Smith could have been shopping at Food Emporium where the most expensive milk you can buy is a gallon of organic whole milk for a whopping $9.99.

There is an opportunity to spend $10+ on milk in New York City. But more commonly, people can find places that sell milk at a more accessible price.

Milk prices are expected to rise in the coming months according to the Department of Agriculture.

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