6 Ways Inflation Is Making People Change Their Lifestyles

A horrified Australian mum turned to TikTok after her supermarket bill came to almost $100 (£57) for ten items.

TikTok user @kittymo73 highlighted the cost of living crisis on her recent trip to Woolworths. In a clip that has garnered almost 60,000 views, the woman showed the handful of items she picked up – but was left stunned when they totalled $91 (£51) at the checkout.

"Wow, got ten things at Woolworths for $91 (£51). Good luck surviving people," she wrote. In what she branded a "rip off", the staples consisted of honey, tuna bake, kangaroo steak and a few other items.

She later clarified that while she tends to do "95 per cent of [her] shopping at Aldi", she opted to get a few "bits" from Woolworths. "Makeup was half price and the only reason I bought it," she added.

Viewers flocked to the comments – and they weren't surprised.

"Seeing inflation everywhere except my pay," one witty user commented, while another added: "Honestly, at this point, I might as well eat out… I feel like it's a bit cheaper."

A third shed light on the drastic increase, saying: "My grocery basket cost 50% more than what it used to 4 months ago. This super-inflation is killing everyone."

"Go the end of the day for quick sales - I got heaps of things for $3," one person advised.

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Wow got 10 things at @Woolworths_au for $91. Good luck surviving people #ripoff #costofliving #groceryshopping

In a recent interview, Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci spoke out about the impact of inflation. He said, "there are always some things that are going down and some things that are going up," before singling out avocados and apples for decreasing in cost.

"We have a lot of avocados, there has been a very good growing season and a lot of extra supply coming out from WA. So we've been selling avocados around $1.20 (66p), which is fabulous because it's such a superfood," Banducci explained.

"And apples are a real everyday item and there is great value on them right now. So there are some great deals to be had on the fresh side of the business."

As for red meat, however, it's become "almost a bit of a luxury item" due to being the "most expensive thing that has happened to [Woolworths]."

He said: "Both beef and lamb have become incredibly expensive and we all notice that."

It's not just Australia encountering noticeable increases all around. According to national figures, the cost of living in the UK hit a new 30-year high. Prices have risen by a whopping 6.2 per cent in the last 12 months and have been increasing at their fastest rate ever since the '90s.

The US isn't having the best time either – and one Bloomberg op-ed had a very questionable solution. Inflation jumped to 7.9 per cent, the worst hike it's experienced since 1982.

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